Syndro-syS – Corporation (album)

French trio Syndro-syS release their debut album “Corporation.” Enriched with electro/goth/industrial & metal elements; this stunning album delivers a highly produced & superbly executed set of tracks that fuel vivid & stark images & create dark, haunting sounds that soak deep into your psyche.

An intense album that explodes Syndro-syS onto the electro scene.

1. Exorde:
atmospheric instrumental introduction with classical elements & layers of synths that drift you effortlessly into the album…

2. Mud And Blood:
edgy & rhythmic guitars take the lead as the track drives forward combining harmoniously with the drum sequences & deep bass line. Female vocals delivered with an energetic passion & a coldness that strikes an aggressive & mystic chord. The layered synths lay in the background creating an ethereal atmosphere to the more direct approach of the guitars & drums. Lyrically a strong track combining a heavy rock element ensuring a complete & full feel to the song.

3. Cobaye:
industrial & sci-fi electro feel adds a new dimension to this track. Vocals delivered with a style; solid & almost robotic & again aggressive packed with emotion & a tinge of sneer. Layered synths screech perfectly & blend with the drum sequences & guitar sounds to create a powerful full-throttle & intense song.

4. Pious Company:
strongly delivered vocals became the focal point of this track; guitars & keyboards worked well together creating a song that carved its own direction with some awkward electronic sounds & raw & edgy guitar riffs which actually made this track stand out as an experimental song that melted into a sound that delivered on numerous levels.

5. My Bad Faith:
awesome vocal delivery & superb drifting synths wrapped in a complex drum pattern & bass line ensured this track had a unique sound that was driven at a relentless pace. Image soaked song that drove in top-gear throughout delivering some of the finest guitar work of the album. The addition of male backing vocals added an extra dimension & sinister feel to the overall track.

6. Corporation Lesson:
instrumental track show-casing the stylish & musical abilities that this band has. A worthy track to drift into & regain your breath before embarking on the next song.

7. New Reign:
a much harder & harsher sounding track supported with a more sinister vocal delivery. The song is dark & brutal but always controlled; never losing sight of its direction. The male/female vocal combination really worked well; more focus made on the vocal style than the synth approach but nevertheless a track that made an impact. Again a track that brought gothic images to the forefront: vivid & stark.

8. Burst Them Eyes:
an intense stand-out track from the album with a solid & passionate vocal delivery that leads the song from the beginning right to the end. The guitars & synths combine effortlessly creating a fully powerful sound that really shows the dark side of Syndro-syS.

9. Pious Company (Dolls Of Pain Remix):
Dolls Of Pain create a stunning remix that takes the original to a whole new level. The vocal treatment is first class & the synths & re-worked drum sequences give the mix a new edge. The remix feels fresh & crisp; obviously more danceable but not ruined by becoming a full-on dance/club mix; this is Dolls Of Pain & they understand how far to take a remix. A perfectly crafted & executed version.

[Review written by Dan Watts (Systema Synthetica)]

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